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 Valerie Carpender


Photo by Chad Moon ||  @therealcmoon

 Biography by Casie Cook


Multimedia artist and fashion model Valerie Carpender is a creative force. A born artist, she does everything from custom paintings for private collections, to gallery exhibitions including Art Basel’s annual contemporary show, to partnering with brands like Pepsi to perform live painting for events attended by thousands. During her fifteen-year international modeling career, she’s graced the pages of magazines from Elle to Sports Illustrated, appearing on runways and in brand catalogs, editorials and commercials.


Art is a series of experiments, a continuously evolving story. Every piece starts with a memory, an inspiration, or a meaningful word, and grows into visual expression. Valerie’s creative work stems from her belief that beauty and art must be authentic and vulnerable. A piece of art connects with someone because it awakens an unexpected emotion inside the viewer. Valerie's commitment to bringing people into her process and creating meaningful work that makes people feel seen and heard is what makes her paintings so special.  


Valerie’s story is one of resilience, of trusting yourself, of believing good things come to those who are not afraid to fail. Her mission to live creatively is one she hopes will inspire you to take chances, to see possibility, and to surround yourself with beauty in all its forms.

Valerie Carpender Artist TJ Turner Photo Painter Studio Minneapolis

Photo by TJ Turner ||  @tjturnerpicture

As an Artist...

Art is a way of seeing and interpreting the world. Valerie’s art is a reflection of her experience as a fashion model and, more notably, as a woman in a culture transfixed by beauty. Much of her portrait artworks seek to expose the relationship between beauty in American culture and our perception of it. The women she paints are beautiful because they all start with a confident, honest and beautiful core, as reflected in the humble sketches all of her paintings begin with.


While painting in both watercolor and acrylic remains her primary creative focus, Valerie refuses to be limited by medium. Her artistic talents range from illustrated works on paper to digital media, outdoor murals to hand-painted guitars. She also designs unique jewelry pieces and hand-painted wearables. One of her most sought-after works of art is her Vive Collage, for which she blends mementos with paint on canvas to bring new life to the individual pieces and harmonize them into a collective image.


Valerie’s artwork has been showcased and sold in countless shows and galleries across the country, including the Art Basel international exhibition in Miami Beach. She has partnered with brands like Pepsi, Budweiser and Sotheby’s International Realty to paint several works live during events as grand as the #PEPCITY Super Bowl party in New York City. She recently completed one of her biggest commissioned projects yet: a permanent collection of fifteen original paintings made for the new Hennepin Healthcare Clinic and Specialty Center, a $225 million state-of-the-art facility that features beautifully curated original artwork throughout.


Valerie is a 2009 graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Visual Arts and Advertising Design.

Valerie Carpender Artist Chad Moon Painter Studio Minneapolis

Photo by Chad Moon ||  @therealcmoon

Valerie Carpender Model, Miami, Swim, Justin Macala, MC2

Photo byJustin Macala || @justinmacala

As a Model...

Valerie’s love for her work as a model is evidenced by her energy and enthusiasm both on-camera and off. Over the last fifteen years, Valerie has represented hundreds of major fashion brands and magazines inclusive of Calvin Klein, Spanx, Budweiser True Religion, Hanes, Target and Oakley.  In 2014, Valerie was named Minnesota Fashion Awards’ Female Model of the Year. She continues to model for select clients and projects.


Beyond her stunning portfolio, Valerie’s artistic eye truly sets her apart. While in front of the camera or walking the runway, she sees herself from behind the lens. As the camera flashes, she’s keenly aware of the position of her body and the lines it forms. She considers everything from the position of her hands to the crop of the shot and the movement of her hair, all in an effort to ensure her clients get a finished photo that they’ll love. Valerie understands intimately what it means to be the face of a brand, and what it takes to make it shine.


Valerie is currently represented by some of the industry’s leading modeling agencies including MP Model Management (Formerly Factor Women), Mc2 Miami and Directions, USA.  She is available for limited print, commercial and television projects.  To contact an agency and inquire about booking Valerie, click here. 

Valerie Carpender, Miami Swim Week, Aqua Di Lara, runway, moel

Photo from Miami Swim Week


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