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Valerie works with individuals and companies all across the U.S. to create commissioned artwork in a variety of subjects, tailored to their specific requests. Commissioned art can be done in a variety of sizes, from large to small canvases, as well as items such as handbags or guitars! Her most popular commissions are her highly personalized Vive Collages, where she blends your actual mementos with paint to form a mixed-media collage painting alive with your story.


All commissioned paintings and Vive Collages are done on the highest quality Masterpiece Pro canvases and are finished with a durable UVA/UVB varnish.The 1.5” canvas edges are painted, making framing optional. All original artwork is signed, front and back. Watercolor paintings are done on archival quality cold-pressed watercolor paper.  These paintings do not come framed, although professional framing can be arranged for you.


Please allow for approximately 3-5 months for completion of your commissioned project, especially prior to the busy Holiday Season!  

Types of Commissioned Artwork:

Vive Collages

Acrylic on Canvas Paintings

Watercolor on Paper Paintings



Guitars, Handbags, Clothing items, etc.

 Brand Collaborations &        Partnerships

Valerie loves partnering with brands to create unique projects, memorable events and creative partnerships.  Because each client has different needs and each project has multiple solutions, please don’t hesitate to inquire. Thinking outside the box to help clients come up with creative ideas is one of Valerie's favorite parts of her work.


Custom artwork for shoes, handbags, etc.

Custom-branded artwork, illustrations and assets/graphics

Art Direction

Social media partnerships


Event Hosting

Live Painting Performances

Custom Illustrations

Whether you need a illustrations for a book, branding materials with a hand-painted touch for your business, or a custom illustration for packaging, the sky is the limit. Valerie can create branded illustrations in a variety of styles, from realistic watercolors to digital illustrations in simple flat design.  Finished illustrations are delivered in digital format and are ready for professional use. 

Check out some examples of watercolor illustrations.

 Live Performance Art

From concerts to sporting events to opening parties, Valerie has performed live paintings for clients including Pepsi, Budweiser, Sotheby’s International Real Estate, Ocean Drive Magazine and numerous large hotel groups.  She’s painted pieces in as few as eight minutes, to a span of several hours at more relaxed events.  Her live artwork is hugely influenced by the energy and atmosphere of the event, with unexpected elements materializing in front of audiences large and small. During a Pepsi Super Bowl event, for instance, she spray-painted Pepsi’s slogan “LIVE FOR NOW” across the painting in the final moments.


When you’re thinking about your next event, live art might just be the perfect way to add a memorable experience for your guests. Watching a painting happen before your eyes is both entertaining and inspiring! When a performance is over, you have the option to purchase the original artwork or allow guests to purchase it and take it home with them the same day.

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