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Valerie Carpender
I am Valerie.

First, thank you for being here! I am a full-time multimedia artist and self-made businesswoman who uses multiple mediums (from paint to pixels) to create expressive art that breaks a few fine-art rules! Inspired by my clients vision and my ability to create individualized art, I nurture the client-creator relationship to produce impactful and evocative pieces of art that you'll cherish for years to come.


At the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD), I studied advertising design, furniture design, and graphic design. It wasn’t until my senior year that I considered making a career by selling my paintings. Today, utilizing acrylics, collages, and watercolors, I create bold and contemporary mixed media art. Driven by a passion to create, I have worked with big brands and individuals around the world. For commissioned pieces, my creative intuition aids in executing the client’s vision to result in personal and original art.


My background as a model and television show host provide me with an invaluable understanding of all stages of creation. From being in front of the camera to in front of a canvas, I have explored myriad artistic avenues. My unique and varied experiences push me to generate distinctive art, create interesting and modern digital content, and provide insight with an edge for my own brand as well as others. I hope to participate in meaningful promotional experiences and ambassadorships that focus on distinctive art that facilitate creative living. My skills and passions extend beyond art, from interior design to anything that celebrates beauty from within.


Additionally, I partner with brands to help execute their creative vision by consulting on branding choices and designing custom assets. The illustrations on my website are emblematic of this: I hand-painted each design and turned them into digital assets that I can use on her website, Instagram, business cards and more.


By designing and creating outside the box of artistic paradigms, I make art for the rule breakers and tastemakers like me.


Ok, enough talk. Let’s create!

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