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Custom Vive Collage for MNSnap

I love a good surprise reveal.  And the good folks over at MNSnap (Minnesota Spay and Neuter Assistance Program) certainly knew how to do it right.

Over the past couple months, I’ve been working on a very special Vive Collage for MNSnap's annual fundraiser event called the "Furry Tail Ball"at Aria in Minneapolis.  MNSnap is a non-profit organization that helps provide affordable, quality spay and neuter services to pet owners. What they are doing is a much needed service.

Their mission statement reads:

“Our mission is to end the suffering and death of Minnesota cats and dogs due to overpopulation by providing both high-quality, affordable and accessible spay and neuter services to those in need, and animal welfare education in the communities we serve.”

Working with the veterinarians, pet owners, and board of Directors of the non-profit organization, I created a very special collage painting that could be revealed and auctioned off live at the event. The painting included a detailed collage of actual notes from pet-owners, memorabilia and business documents from several of the organizations' milestones. MnSnaps' happy dog logo was painted in the center of it all. The finished piece was a colorful visual of how far the organization had grown and all the pets and pet owners.

Check out the finished painting and video from the event!

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