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Kate Moss- The Baddest Painting

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Kate Moss. So, when I received an email from Kendall asking me to do a custom commission of the fashion icon, I was all over it!

Photo by Karina Herrera

Sassy, sexy, colorful and a little bad-b.  Just the way I like it!

I loved working on this colorful Kate Moss painting for Kendall Hart. She came to me with an idea for a painting she wanted, a love of bright colors, and an admiration of Kate Moss equal to my own.  This was Kendall’s first piece of original art, and she had been thinking about this for a while! The style she wanted was exactly the kind of contemporary art I love doing.

Kendall showed me a black and white photo she wanted in color. Kendall  wanted every color of the rainbow in the painting, specifically bright, nearly fluorescent pinks, yellows and light blues.  The finished painting had every color and a little touch of gold to really make it shine.

The finished painting was presented to Kendall in a fun reveal night at my studio.  She brought a friend to enjoy the moment with her! I love showing someone their new piece of art like this… wine, good music, good friends.  Perfection. Kendall loved the painting… and it was a special piece that I feel honored to have done for her!

70% finished. Photo by Karina Herrera

Here's my first few layers... and how I map out my color patterns on a piece like this.

She said she wants me to make it as BRIGHT as possible...

Inspiration/reference imagery tacked on my easel!

Finished! So colorful and bright!

My reference photo... Kendall loved this B&W photo of KM sporting a mustache finger tattoo! I love it too, because Kate Moss gives zero f's. ;)

Kendall with her new painting!

Big congrats to Kendall on her first piece of original art. I hope it brings her happiness for years to come. This was a super fun piece to create that I put every ounce of my creative soul into!

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